Lustro 2019

Catarratto IGT Terre Siciliane



number of bottles produced

4.000 bottles (750 cl e) 


Volcanic, low organic matter, rich in micronutrients, terraced landscape.

grape vine

Cataratto 100%

size of the vineyard

1.5 hectars

type of plant


average age of the vines

15 years

density per hectar


Yield per hectar

40 quintals


“More than Organic”, with the use of some biodynamic techniques. No chemical fertilizers and synthetic products are used during cultivation. Most years the vineyard is left untouched.


The processing generally begins in the second ten days of September when the grapes that have reached the desired ripeness are harvested. The selected and cut grapes are transported in boxes in the cellar where destemming and crushing takes place. The fermentation takes place spontaneously by the indigenous yeasts present in the skins, inside steel tanks. The maceration fermentation lasts for a few days, depending on the degree of intensity of color that you want to give to the wine. During processing there is no correction or addition of other substances, not even sulfur dioxide.


The aging is carried out in steel silos for about 6 months then it is bottled and refined for at least 60 days.

wine pairing

The “Lustro’” pairs well with appetizers in general, especially vegetables and fish.

drinking temperature

Serve chilled (52 degrees)